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Words in ACTION

Let our Dictionary explain...

Automated Folding and Inserting
Our advanced equipment represents the latest technology. Our state-of-the-art folding and inserting equipment saves our team time, which saves you time and money. We will fold and insert your materials for the appropriate envelope/package as necessary.
Carrier Route Sorting
By sorting mail by zip codes and carrier routes, your mail is more likely to be delivered in a timely basis and with more accuracy. Action Mail Services, Inc. coordinates with the United States Postal Service to appropriately sort your mail for such distribution.
Custom Reporting
Action Mail Services, Inc. provides up-to-date reports of our clients?projects, including updates regarding the mailing list use, estimated and actual quantities mailed and additional important information. Such reports make our business easy to follow and ensure that you receive the best service possible.
Data Analysis
Action Mail Services, Inc. consistently evaluates the data it receives from our clients. We check for duplicate addresses, missing data and additional information. Such “clean?data will make your mailing more effective, cheaper and timely.
Data Entry
Action Mail Services, Inc. inputs your important data necessary for a successful mailing. Original or existing databases are meticulously developed and managed, ensuring the most accurate information is used to reach the target market.
Database Maintenance
Action Mail Services, Inc. provides database maintenance by merging multiple databases into one, detecting duplicate entries, and running searches with the USPS National Change of Address database for the most current address. These services save you the hassle of returned and wasted postage.
File Conversions
All IBM formats, including Excel, Word and d-Base. Whatever the format, Action Mail Services, Inc. can convert your file to be read and utilized within almost any format. Our team of experts can access the existing information you have stored no matter what the format.
First Class Pre-sorting and Mailing
Action Mail Services, Inc. offers the full range of postal pre-sorting options.
High Speed Copies
Send your file via e-mail and we can have it copied and ready to go out the same day. Or, provide us with an original and our advanced copy equipment will make professional replicas in little to no time. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to take your file to fulfillment faster and cheaper than the rest.
Ink Jet Addressing
Action Mail Services, Inc. has state-of-the-art ink jet addressing technology to effectively print addresses on envelopes, personalized, mail-merged letters and countless other pieces. This professional and timely process will increase the effectiveness of your mail. Our unique addressing system can utilize any Windows font, even in color.
Inventory Management
Action Mail Services, Inc. carefully tracks each piece of material stored and sent out by our team. With monthly reporting you have up-to-date quantities, in order to replenish supplies.
Knowledge of Postal Regulations
Action Mail Services, Inc.’s expertise with complex postal requirements allows us to offer the most cost effective services available.
Label Printing and Affixation
Save yourself time, money and frustration by not fighting with your personal printer anymore over continuous printer jams from labels. Simply send your database to Action Mail Services, Inc. and our expert team will merge, affix and mail your collateral all in one step.
Laser Printing
Action Mail Services, Inc. has state-of-the-art laser printing technology to effectively print: addresses on envelopes, personalized, mail-merged letters, and more. This professional and timely process will increase the effectiveness of your mail.
Action Mail Services, Inc. has the ability to personalize your mail and e-mailings utilizing your databases or purchased databases. Our sophisticated computer programs allow us to merge the information contained within the databases to letters and addresses. Whether you want to personalize a person’s name or even their job categorization, as long as the information is contained within a database, we can make it part of a successful mailing.
Mailing Lists
Reach the customers you need utilizing Action Mail Services, Inc. a mailing list wholesaler. Through our multiple contacts, we are able to obtain mailing lists specific to the target demographic you wish to reach. With our up-to-date mailing lists you will increase your exposure within your chosen specific consumer segment.
Personalized E-mailing
Utilizing an existing database or developing/purchasing a database through Action Mail Services, Inc., our expert team will merge personal information into personalized mass emails. Personalized emails are a more effective way to grasp the customers?attention and are increasingly important and effective in today’s technological society.
Personalized Laser Printing
By using state of the art laser printing, Action Mail Services, Inc. is able to personalize mass mailing letters. Save the toner in your printer and leave the merging, alignment and printing to us! Letters may be merged to reflect personalized addresses, content and signatures.
Printing and Folding
Our advanced equipment represents the latest technology. Our state-of-the-art printing and folding equipment saves our team time, which saves you time and money. We will print your materials and fold them for the appropriate envelope/package as necessary for your needs. Simply send us the document/materials and we will find the best and most attractive way to print, fold and mail your materials.
Product and Literature Fulfillment
Action Mail Services, Inc. provides you with full-service fulfillment for over-sized, awkward and alternative items. Quit spending time searching for the packaging you need. Our team ensures your product and literature is protected from damage during shipping and that it is within postal regulations, which provides an expedited delivery process.
Secured Warehousing
Order in bulk to save money and then use our secured warehouse to store the extra materials. By utilizing our climate controlled, inventoried warehouse we will have the products on hand when needed to send out a mailing. With monthly reporting you will have control over the quantities to send out.
Zip+4 Bar-coding
Matching a typical address file to ZIP+4 Product requires sophisticated software. We code our mailing lists with the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified address-matching software. Use of this CASS-certified address-matching software offers the following benefits:

1. Reduced postage costs ?Adding ZIP+4 codes and the associated delivery point barcodes to address records can result in considerable postage discounts for you and can enable identification of duplicate addresses (which would cost you money if not found).

2. Accurate address lists ?Matching address records with the appropriate ZIP+4 codes will help identify incomplete or inaccurate addresses. Making corrections will reduce the amount of undeliverable and returned pieces, which in turn will result in more efficient mail delivery of your packages.

3. Improved demographic information ?ZIP+4 codes can help identify specific areas of a particular block, post office box, building, or business location. Instead of sending mail to all customers in a 5-digit ZIP Code, mailers can target a specific market area.

4. Improved mail service and stabilized postage rates ?Use of ZIP+4 coded addresses maximizes postal service equipment, which improves delivery and reduces mail processing costs, resulting in lower costs for your mailing.

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