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3 Ways Direct Mail Postcards in Orlando Can Help Market Your Business

Postcards are a cost-effective way to spread the message about your business. Are there other reasons you should add direct mail postcards in Orlando to your marketing plan? Let’s find out.

Are you looking to grow your business with direct mail? There are many benefits to using this type of marketing to get the word out about your goods and services. Here we’ll break down why you should use postcards as part of your marketing efforts and why direct mail works. If you’ve been asking yourself these questions when thinking about direct mail, you’ve come to the right place.

Is Direct Mail Cost-Effective?

Compared to other marketing methods (magazine ads, TV commercials, billboards), direct mail is much less expensive. And when you use a postcard, that expense goes down even more. 

Just think of the last time you were on vacation and bought a postcard to send to the family back home. How much was the postage for it? At the time of this writing, a postcard stamp is 48 cents. Compare that to a letter, which is 58 cents, and you’re already saving money.

Sending direct mail postcards in Orlando to market your business is a great way to use your budget to the max. Our team at Action Mail Services has ways to save you even more money on postage. We’d love to tell you more when we chat about your campaign.

Can I Personalize My Postcards?direct mail postcards in Orlando

When you get something in the mail that has your name on it, it makes you look at it a while longer, doesn’t it? You can see why it’s important to personalize your message as much as possible. With our software, we can use your mailing list to personalize your postcards. 

How Else Can I Create Effective Direct Mail Postcards In Orlando?

You only have a few seconds to make an impression with your postcard, so it’s crucial you follow these tips for a successful postcard campaign:

  • Simple, bold headline – Grab the audience’s attention with a glance. Avoid using too much text. 
  • Clear graphics – Graphics go hand-in-hand with your bold headline. Simple and clean images get your message across quickly.
  • Sell the benefits – How can your product or service benefit your potential customers? If you operate a mobile car detailing company, your message could be something like, “Don’t waste time traveling to and from the car wash. Let us come to you.” Saving time is the benefit here, so make sure your audience knows it.
  • Strong Call-To-Action – This gives your audience their next steps. Your CTA (call to action) should be simple and clear. Should they call your number? Go to your website? Come into your store? Pick one and stick with it. 

Can I Track The Success Of My Direct Mail Campaign?

You need to be able to track whether your efforts have converted into sales. You can do this with a promo code listed on your postcard. Every time the code is used, you know it is from your direct mail postcards in Orlando campaign. To track leads, you can use a QR code that a recipient scans to access your website. It’s simple these days to generate a unique QR code that allows you to track your campaign results.

How Can Action Mail Services Help With My Direct Mail Postcards In Orlando?

We offer a variety of services that help you create, manage, send, and track your campaign. Our team offers a quick turnaround on your quote that allows you to get started on your campaign quickly. We communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that your campaign is running smoothly and all of your questions along the way are answered. When you’re ready to start your direct mail postcards in Orlando campaign, contact us. We’d love to help you spread the word about your business.