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Trying to do it yourself can be overwhelming. It can also take valuable time away from your core services. Here’s how partnering with an Orlando mail processing company can help you market your businesses more effectively.

As a business owner, it can be hard to delegate responsibilities. “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” is a hard habit to break. But doing everything yourself is simply not scalable. As your business grows, you will need help, and if you want something done right, it can be wise to delegate it to someone who is experienced in a certain area.

You’ll likely need more staff to take phone calls, respond to emails, and a variety of other administrative tasks. And if you’re trying to handle your direct mail campaign in-house, you may never have time to carry out your vision that takes your company to the next level. If you’ve been mulling over handing off your direct mail campaign to a professional Orlando mail processing company, ask yourself these questions.

Can A Direct Mail Processing Company Grow My Audience?

The short answer is yes. But how? At Action Mail Services, we love data, and we love using it to help you find the best audience for your direct mail campaign. By starting with key demographic and geographic attributes, we use data mining tools to help you find new customers and prospects. If that sounds confusing, it’s okay. We’re experts in data mining tools, so let us help you grow your list, and grow your audience.

Direct marketing guru, Ed Mayer, coined the 40/40/20 rule back in the 1960s and it posits that 40% of your campaign’s success depends on your list. The other 40% depends on your offer, and the remaining 20% is the creative portion of your campaign (design, copy, etc.). Today, technology allows us to target our messages to the most receptive audience, which is why some marketing experts increase the importance of your list to around 60%. Bottom line: your list is crucial; we can help you build it.

Can An Orlando Mail Processing Company Help Me Interact With My Online Audience?Orlando mail processing

If your business has an online presence (and it should), you likely track your clickthrough rate, bounce rate, and website sessions. These stats are great and can show that your audience is growing, but how do you interact with these visitors? Our tech experts at Action Mail offer a service called reverse append. With this service, you can send your direct mail campaign to the users who visit your website.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple, really (don’t tell our coders that, though). Our system captures each visitor’s unique IP address and uses that to find their physical address. Your mail piece can then be in their mailbox within 72 hours of their website visit. How’s that for follow-up? Getting a mailer will reinforce your message to your prospective customers and give them that nudge they need to complete the sale.

How Can A Mail Processing Services Company Save Me Money?

When considering an Orlando mail processing campaign, your mind probably goes right to postage. We get it. Postage rates go up every year (or more frequently), and it’s tough to stay under budget when the USPS is in charge of the rates. At Action Mail Services, we have postage down to a science. We know how to get you the greatest discounts while maintaining or improving the delivery window for your campaign.

Our trucking fleet saves us money on delivery so we can pass those savings on to you. Finally, we work with a network of distributors who give us the best rates to keep our costs lower than the competition.

At Action Mail Services, we love what we do. We’re also very good at it. If you’re interested in hearing how our Orlando mail processing services can take your direct mail campaign to the next level, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.