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Turn Web Visitors Into Prospects!

Action Mail now offers a new service known as “Reverse Append.” Now you can send direct mail to anyone who visits your website. This process uses the latest technology that captures the IP address of the otherwise anonymous visitors and then matches it with the physical location of the IP address.

How It Works: Our Reverse Append pixel identifies the IP address of the prospective customer when they visit your website. It locates the physical address of the location of the IP address. Action Mail can send a mail piece to the prospect’s home within 24 – 72 hours of their website visit!!

The Benefits To Your Business: ”Reverse append” helps increase your customer response rate by targeting prospective customers who have shown interest in your products or services by browsing through your website. It also:

  • Uses retargeting technology to make your investment in direct mail is more effective.
  • You are sending a follow up mail piece to someone who is pre-qualified as having an interest in your service or product.
  • You are more efficient with your laser beam approach rather than casting a wide net to try and capture new customers.
  • Sending retargeted direct mail to your existing customer base builds brand loyalty.