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Do You Need A Partner For Wholesale Printing? Our Orlando Mail Service Can Get The Job Done

Printing in bulk means mailing in bulk which is why you need an Orlando mail service to help. Here’s why Action Mail Services is the perfect partner to do the heavy lifting for your mail processing needs.

As a wholesale printer, your clients come to you when they need high-volume printing at low prices. And when it comes to mailing mass quantities of materials, look no further than Action Mail Services as your bulk mailing partner. We’ve been our customers’ go-to Orlando mail service for over 25 years and we’d love to show you why we should be yours too.

Offer Your Customers A Fully Turnkey Option

When you partner with Action Mail Services, you can be your customers’ one-stop shop for all their printing and mailing projects. Marketing budgets have gone up in 2022 so companies are looking for ways to save any way they can. Being able to offer your customers a fully turnkey option will set you apart from your competitors who may not be able to handle bulk mailing like we can. 

Some wholesale printers may offer mailing services but are they able to get the best bang for their customers’ buck like we are? Likely not. Did you know that processing mail incorrectly can be very costly? Our trained experts can handle the mailing portion of your projects at trade pricing, which ultimately saves you and your customers money.

How Is Action Mail Services Different?

Our team at Action Mail Services won’t just save you money on postage (more on that later), we can also offer you our full range of direct mail services that you can then pass on to your customers. These are a few of the advantages of partnering with us:

We can help with your customers’ mailing lists.

Sure, your customers know they want to send a large volume of materials out, but do they have a good list of recipients to send it to? At Action Mail Services, we can help your customers create a more robust mailing list that reaches a better audience that is more receptive to their message. We do this two ways:

  • Data mining tools add to your list using geographic and demographic data.
  • Our pre-sort and data cleansing software optimizes postage and delivery. 

We can save your customers money on postage.Orlando mail service

We know that postage can take a big bite out of any direct mail budget. This is why we have made it our mission to become experts at getting our customers the best prices on postage. Here’s how we do it:

  • Postal Analysis and Qualification – Our team of Orlando mail service postal analysts looks at every mail file to find the best way to send it. Our goal is to optimize the delivery route so that it’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to go.
  • Postal Optimization Services – Can you tell that we are big on optimization? When mailing large quantities of materials, it’s crucial to organize and group them in a way that makes the most sense in shipping. We have experts for this too.
  • Familiarity with the U.S. Post Office – At Action Mail Services, we are intimately familiar with the extensive range of postage classes and rates offered by the USPS. We know how to capitalize on the greatest discounts while making sure your items are delivered as quickly as possible. We like to say we have postage savings down to a science.
  • Distribution Services – We help our Orlando mail service customers locally by shipping directly to regional postal facilities with our own fleet of private trucks. If your customers need to ship outside of the Central Florida area, we can use our strategic partnerships with third-party vendors to get expedited delivery to postal centers.

When your customers need a cost-effective way to get their bulk mailings to their recipients, let us help. Our mission is to save you and your customers money. Contact us today to discuss how we can be your Orlando mail service partner.