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Your clients need their printing jobs mailed out, but who do you use? When you need bulk mailing services in Orlando, look to Action Mail Services for the best rates and on-time delivery.

Wholesale printing companies print all kinds of things for all kinds of businesses. Whatever your clients have you print, we can help you send it out. Handling bulk mail is our specialty at Action Mail Services. We work with the postal service every day, so we know how to get our customers the best rates on bulk shipping.

Who Needs Bulk Mailing Services In Orlando?

If your printing company works with any of the following businesses, you need our help.

Medical Field 

Just think of all the printed materials you see around a doctor’s office. Physicians need items like patient information brochures, flyers, statement envelopes, insurance lists, appointment cards, large envelopes for imaging, and more. 


Now think of all the paperwork that’s associated with a real estate business. Pocket folders, business cards, huge yard signs, thank you cards, referral cards …the list goes on. Every real estate agent we know has a trunk packed with branded, printed materials that they use to market their business. 

Hospitality Businesses

Businesses like restaurants need menus, QR code stickers, take-out menus, training manuals, placemats, and more. Hotels need many printed items too. That branded notepad and pen beside every guest bed was bulk-printed. Local guides, hotel letterhead, business cards, and more, are used every day by hotels.

The truth is that most businesses need bulk printing, and with bulk printing comes the need for bulk mailing. The logistics of getting a large volume of materials from point A to point B takes a certain level of expertise. Our postal logistics team at Action Mail Services has been handling bulk mailing services in Orlando for over 25 years.

Operating from our 12,500-square-foot facility in Central Florida, Action Mail Services can handle jobs from a few hundred pieces to a few hundred thousand. We can even send your items internationally if your clients are located across the pond, or anywhere worldwide.

How Can Action Mail Services Help?

Okay, we’ll pull back the curtain and give you a peek at what makes us so good with bulk mailing services in Orlando and beyond. We are a well-oiled machine that specializes in many aspects of postal logistics, including:

Postal Analysis And Qualification

This is a fancy term for “we look at every piece of mail very carefully to decide the best way to get it where it needs to go.” You can see why we use the fancy term. Our team of experts knows that you might not use the same method to send a box of envelopes as you would a pallet of yard signs. Different materials need to be mailed differently; this is where the human component of Action Mail Services adds value.

Postal Optimization Services

It’s a little like stacking books with the largest ones on the bottom to make carrying them more efficient. Except the books are giant pallets and there could be hundreds of them. And we use forklifts. Our practices of co-mingling, co-palletization, and co-transportation keep costs down by putting materials together that make sense postage and shipping-wise. 

Distribution ServicesBulk Mailing Services in Orlando

Once your client’s items are packaged efficiently, they’re ready for distribution. 

Whether you need to ship within the Central Florida area, nationally, or internationally, we have partnerships with third-party vendors to ensure timely deliveries. Locally, we use our own private trucking fleet which cuts down on costs.

At Action Mail Services, our printing company partners trust us to get their clients’ materials to them in a budget-friendly and timely manner. Contact us today to discuss how we can provide your company’s bulk mailing services in Orlando. We look forward to working with you.