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Is Your Business Budget Bloated? Cut Costs With Direct Mail Advertising In Kissimmee

Marketing your business can come with a hefty budget. If you’re looking for ways to utilize your marketing dollars more effectively, consider adding direct mail advertising in Kissimmee.

Most companies have had to reevaluate their marketing budgets over the last few years. With the pandemic that started in 2020, many businesses saw a loss in revenue and had to restrict their marketing efforts until they were able to right the ship. 

The good news is we’re on the way back up. A recent report notes that in 2022, marketing budgets are climbing to 9.5% of annual revenue; that’s up from 6.4% in 2021. We’re not all the way back to pre-pandemic levels but this is excellent news. If you’re thinking about adding direct mail advertising in Kissimmee to your strategy, it could be just what your marketing budget needs. Here’s why.

Targeting Makes Marketing Efficient

The beauty of direct mail, and what sets it apart from other types of marketing, is the ability you have to target who your direct mail advertising in Kissimmee is delivered to. Your mailing list can be formed from current customers, email subscribers, or a number of other places. 

Our team at Action Mail Services can add potential customers to your list using our data mining tools. These tools use demographic and geographic information from your current list to find similarities in other potential customers who will be added. When your audience is receptive to your message, you should see more conversions as a result of your marketing efforts. 

Automation Verifies Your List

Taking targeting even further, at Action Mail Services, we use an optimization tool called Accuzip that presorts and checks your data to ensure that your mailing list is optimized for postage and delivery. That’s the technical way of saying we check, and double-check, all of the addresses on your list so that your direct mail advertising in Kissimmee is delivered and not returned to the sender.

If 100% of your mailers make it to your audience, you have a much better chance of converting those leads and your marketing budget will thank you.

What’s The ROI Of Direct Mail?direct mail advertising in Kissimmee

That’s the real question, isn’t it? Will your direct mail advertising in Kissimmee give your business a strong return on your investment? A recent survey of over 150 companies highlighted the fact that direct mail marketing shows the best ROI compared to other marketing channels. 

Add direct mail to your current marketing strategy and the numbers get even stronger. Studies show that multichannel advertising campaigns that include direct mail have a 20% higher ROI than campaigns without a direct mail component.

Don’t Let Postage Give You Pause

If the cost of mailing your direct mail advertising in Kissimmee is worrisome, we can help. Our system of postal logistics ensures the best prices for the mailing process. We know that postage takes up a big chunk of your direct mail budget, so our goal is to save you as much as possible. We like to think we have postage down to a science, and we love to work with our customers to get them the best prices.

Our private trucking fleet and our strategic alliances with postal distribution centers helps us keep costs low. It’s our goal to give our customers the highest quality services and the lowest mailing costs around, including postage, freight, and on-time delivery.

When you’re ready to add direct mail advertising in Kissimmee to your marketing strategy, let our team at Action Mail Services help. Contact us today and we’ll show you how direct mail is budget-friendly and effective.