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Political season is coming down to the wire and you may be looking for the right tool that could push undecided voters into your camp. Here’s why an Orlando campaign direct mail strategy is what you need.

When you’re on the campaign trail meeting constituents and explaining your platform, your team is likely back at campaign headquarters making phone calls and scheduling your next events. Using Orlando campaign direct mail is a smart way to inform a large number of voters simultaneously, without having to pound the pavement. Here are a few reasons direct mail is a brilliant addition to your campaign strategy.

Direct Mail Is Speedy

At Action Mail Services, our team can typically get you a quote on your Orlando campaign direct mail project within 2-3 hours. We know that time is of the essence in a political campaign so we work to get you started quickly. Our competitors can take days or even weeks to get back to you on a quote; we know your campaign doesn’t have that kind of time.

Once your campaign is in progress, we will work with your mailing list to optimize your audience. Ensuring that your campaign mailer gets into the hands of receptive voters is the most efficient way to earn votes. We use your original list, and apply our data mining tools to find a larger audience for your message.

Direct Mail Is Smart

If your campaign has a website, this is where voters can find extensive information about your platform, your personal life, your contact information, and more. Users may also be able to sign up for a newsletter or email list so they can stay in touch with your campaign and track your event schedule. 

Did you know that at Action Mail Services, we can track users who visit your website, then send them an Orlando campaign direct mail piece after their visit? It’s true. We call it “reverse append” and it works by tracking the user’s IP address and matching it to their physical address. We can have your campaign mailer in their mailbox within 72 hours of their website visit. Pretty amazing, right? 

Experts say that it takes an average of seven exposures to a message for a user to make a decision. In marketing, we’re trying to make sales. In politics, we’re looking for votes. Every impression counts and our reverse append service can be invaluable for your campaign awareness.

Direct Mail is Cost-EffectiveOrlando campaign direct mail

Compared to television and newspaper ads or physically traveling around to inform potential voters about your platform, an Orlando campaign direct mail strategy gives you a ton of bang for your marketing buck. Our team at Action Mail Services will work with your budget to maximize the exposure of your campaign message.

And when it comes to postage, we’ve got you covered there too. We know how to save you the most on postage because we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles. We also partner with distributors to lower your costs even more. Trust us when we say we have saving on postage down to a science.

Direct Mail is Sticky

We don’t mean sticky like the kitchen table after your toddler’s breakfast. In this case, sticky refers to how long an Orlando campaign direct mail piece stays in a voter’s household. Your campaign mailer is a constant reminder of who you are and what you stand for. 

A recent study discovered that, unlike an email that is viewed for approximately two seconds, direct mail can stay in the home for upwards of 17 days! And because we typically don’t receive as much physical mail as we do email, your Orlando campaign direct mail will stand out… and stick around.

If you need a last push before election day, consider adding Orlando campaign direct mail to your strategy. Contact Action Mail Services today to get your project moving.