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Top Tips For Designing An Eye-Catching Orlando Campaign Mailer

You’ve decided to add an Orlando campaign mailer to your strategy. Great plan! Here are some tips to make it stand out.

When you’re running for political office, every penny counts. It can be costly to spread the word about your campaign to all of your potential voters. Using direct mail is a simple and cost-effective way to reach your target audience. If not designed well, however, your Orlando campaign mailer won’t be effective.

Ask yourself these questions when designing your mailer, then ask us to help.

What Format Is Best For My Political Mailer?

There are many choices when it comes to direct mail. At Action Mail Services, our team can  handle a full array of in-house lettershop services including high-speed folding, slitting, cutting, nesting, packaging, and kit assembly. For a political campaign, however, we recommend a postcard-size mailer. Your postcard will stand out because it’s slightly larger than a standard envelope, and its thickness will make it easy to handle and read.

A postcard is large enough to get your main message across. Using a combination of text, images, graphics, and white space will help voters know who you are and why your platform is important to them. 

What Should My Orlando Campaign Mailer Say?

Now that you’ve chosen a postcard for your mailer, the next step will be choosing what to include and what to leave out. You know that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospective voter so plan your copy carefully. 

Keep your message simple and clear. What is your campaign slogan? What is your top goal after you take office? A bullet point list can be effective but keep it short. Sentence fragments are okay. And don’t overdo it on fonts. Choose two or three fonts so that your design helps convey your message, and does not distract from it. 

Your message should point out benefits, not features. Voters want to know what’s in it for them if they give you their vote. Are you an MBA? That’s great if it helps to show why you are qualified for the office you’re seeking. If it has no effect on how you will strive to improve a voter’s quality of life, leave it out. They can read all about you on your website (more on that in a bit). 

What Graphics Should I Use On My Political Mailer?

Your photos should be clear and high-resolution. A professional headshot is fine but consider a more informal photo that could help your voters connect with you. Using a photo of you with your family can show voters how important family is to you, and how you share their concerns about everyday issues. 

Be sure to keep it simple when choosing your photos. One or two photos should be enough. You want voters to put a name with a face, and to put that face with your campaign platform.

At Action Mail Services, we are a full-service print shop and we can help you design your Orlando campaign mailer to be most effective with your audience.

How Do I Create An Effective Political Call-To-Action?Orlando campaign mailer

Perhaps the most important element of your mailer is your call-to-action or CTA. Your CTA should tell voters what their next steps are. If they read your mailer and like what they see, how do you translate that into a vote? By telling them exactly what they need to do. 

What’s the deadline to register to vote? They need that information. When is the election? Don’t assume voters know when to vote. That date has a huge red circle on your calendar but many people don’t pay as close attention to the political schedule as candidates do.

Your CTA should also include your website, phone number, and any other way voters can contact your campaign for more information. Invite them to learn more about you and your campaign by visiting your website and social media pages. Giving voters a clear path to the ballot box is the best way to gain their vote.

If this process seems overwhelming to you, we understand. That’s why we’re here. Contact us today to discuss how we can get your eye-catching Orlando campaign mailer designed and in the hands of your constituents well before election day. We look forward to helping you get those votes.